40 Things (4)

Cover of "Persepolis"
Cover of Persepolis

Following along with Boof’s 40 Day Challenge leading up to her 40th birthday… her fourth question is:

4) A favourite translated book

Hmmm..  Not sure how many translated books I have read, but there have been a few.

I own and LOVED reading “My Life as a Dog” by Reidar Jonsson.  A Norwegian book whose movie adaptation won best foreign film in 1987, I believe.  I loved the movie and the book even more.  I have memories of riding on public transportation in Madison and literally laughing out loud and also having my heart break.

I really enjoyed “Persepolis,” by Marjane Satrapi and translated by Mattias Ripa.  A story about growing up in Iran.

I read an abridged version (shameful, I know) of “War and Peace” by Tolstoy and didn’t really enjoy that much.  It was a long hot summer and there are so many names …

I’m sure there are others, but “My Life as a Dog’ wins.  🙂

And on my list… my #4 was “Learn some Ukranian / Russian” and I failed miserably. Again, I listened to Russian podcasts and downloaded vocabulary sheets.  Not much stuck.  We had a foreign exchange student from the Ukraine so that was the motivation to attempt it.

Off to read!

2 thoughts on “40 Things (4)

  1. For a translated book, I’d highly suggest Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s book The Shadow of the Wind. It was an entertaining mystery story with some fun characters and some of the best lines I’ve ever seen in a book, it was great fun.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! I just added it to my TBR list on Goodreads!

    Another translated book that I thought of this morning is “Like Water for Chocolate.” I think it was the first translated book I read. Good stuff.

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