5 thoughts on “W… W… W… Wednesday”

  1. 1- The World According to Garp – John Irving
    2- The Muse Asylum – David Czuchlewski
    3- Skinny Legs and All – Tom Robbins (again!)

  2. Yeah! For me it would be:

    1 – Currently reading “Faking It” by Jennifer Crusie

    2 – Just finished reading “Every Last One” by Anne Quindlan and “The Summer We Read Gatsby” by Danielle Ganek

    3 – Probably “The One” or “Plain Truth” or who knows! But definitely “Brava, Valentine” on audio in the car!

  3. Hi!
    1. Currently reading One Day.
    2. Just finished True Grit and a book about nutrition called Real Food.
    3. I hope to finish One Day today during our snow storm! My next book will be Plain Truth or The Devil in the White City!

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