I’m about half done with August’s Oprah magazine!  I haven’t been this caught up in the ten years I’ve been a subscriber!  Crazy.

I am faithful to the O Magazine.  As I said, I’ve been a subscriber for ten years and my current subscription will run out in February of 2012.  I read it cover to cover and use book marks, take notes of things to look up (books, music, websites) and keep them all on a shelf.  I love almost all the columnists – especially Lisa Kogen and Martha Beck.

I just started reading Eating Well and enjoy it a LOT but it doesn’t take a lot to sit down and read it – and then it ends up being kind of a reference in the recipe book cupboard.  I discovered it when I received vouchers for lots of free magazine subscriptions for my Northwest Airlines points.  So I get Wine Enthusiast (which costs almost $80 a year????), Travel & Leisure (who has the money for those trips?), W (a waste of paper) and Eating Well.  I renewed Eating Well and will continue to enjoy it.  I just put out many issues of the other magazines in the recycling this morning.  I know I should have donated them somewhere, but for the sake of getting them out of the house they are now recycled.

Once I subscribed to the New Yorker.  I thought it would be fun to get a literary magazine, but I found that I didn’t read it that often.  The O Magazine is one that I’ve stuck with – and now have a rule that I won’t subscribe to any others because I don’t have time for any others.  Now that the subscriptions to those crazy magazines are starting to expire my paper clutter will also diminish a bit, right?

I used to love reading Cricket when I was younger – about 12.  I still like to go and look at them in our elementary library and I always encourage kids to check them out.  They are “literary,” too, so not interesting to many.  Just story geeks.

Are there magazines that you are a faithful reader of?  How do you read them – cover to cover or by looking at the table of contents for what interests you?  What do you do with them when you’re done?  What’s the craziest magazine subscription you’ve had?  Or one that you wish you were brave enough to get?

Well, off to read!

What do you think about that?

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