March Meeting

Just home from the March meeting of the Walkie Talkies, Rochester Branch!  We talked about “The Moment Between” by Nicole Baart.  We gave Sarah some spoilers, but hopefully she’ll finish the book anyway!  The reasons I liked the book are the honest way it dealt with mental illness, and I was excited to read her Christian way of dealing with intense grief and suicide.  It wasn’t predictable and didn’t have a trite, perfectly wrapped up ending, but it had a good ending.  With hope.   I’ll keep you posted on the “gift pack” I get for posting a review!  🙂

Anyone else have thoughts about the book?  I gave away my LAST copy yesterday!  Yeah!

Next we’re going to read “The Friday Night Knitting Club” by Kate Jacobs and “SLAM” by Nick Hornby.  Ambitious!  But “SLAM” is a YA (young adult) novel and the Knitting Club is a fast and fun read.  We haven’t set a date yet, but Sarah threw some dates out there… March 22 or March 29 or April 5 (all Mondays).  The library books are due 3/25, just as a point of reference.  They can be renewed, but that’s what we’ve got now.  Spring break for Rochester is 3/26 – .  Any one of those dates will work for me – right now.  I need to set up a book club meeting for my school book club (Ann Bancroft’s “No Horizon is So Far”), so the earlier we set something up the better.

We talked tonight about what to read next, and I propose that we read “The Girls from Ames” next!  Thoughts?  I’ll check library availability.  Seems like we checked Fillmore County libraries and all copies were checked out… thoughts?

Off to read!

What do you think about that?

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