Goals for 2012

I love lists, as I believe I’ve said before.  The above is a list that I made in January of this year of things that I want to accomplish in 2012.  Not big lofty goals, not life-changing goals, really, but a list of things that I want to work on being able to do.

  • Garrison Keillor at the Fitz: I would love to see Garrison Keillor in his home territory of the Fitzgerald Theatre before he retires.  If I can’t do that, I want to get to a stage show of The Wits at the Fitz sometime soon.  I have been a John Moe fan for years – since his podcast Weekend America (which has been off the air since 2009) – and his stage/radio show sounds delightfully fun.
  • Four Daughters Vineyard & Winery: A new winery opened up in our area and it looks beautiful.  Four Daughters Vineyard and Winery has a beautiful building with what appears to be delicious food and wonderful local wine. I need to get there!
  • NYC: “Once” Musical: This is an item that can be crossed off the list this week!  I fly out early tomorrow and have tickets for this show on Tuesday!  If you’ve talked to me at all lately, you know that I’m over-the-moon excited about the entire trip, so I won’t go on and on… but it’s happening, and all because I wrote it on a list in January!  🙂
  • Maybe: You can see off to the side that I also wrote “Maybe a Greenwich Village walking tour with Adriana.”  I love all things Adriana Trigiani and so I checked into this.  No weekday tour groups but they would do a private walking tour – with or without food – for $95-$130.  Well, I can walk around and see a lot and eat a lot of food for that money.  So, not this time.  But I subscribed to the newsletter about her tours in NYC and in Italy… so it’ll continue to be something I look out for!
  • Passport: I still haven’t gotten a passport.  Must do that next!  No trips out of the country planned, but they are not possible until I have the passport!  🙂  Must. Be. Ready.
  • Write, at least weekly:  I haven’t been blogging weekly but feel pretty good about the amount that I am doing right now.  Starting the new job required mucho brain power and I am finally feeling like I can use a little for other things, like reading a novel.  🙂  So I’ll still aspire to weekly writing.
  • Write letters: I don’t do too badly at this.  I can do better, for sure.  But it is something I enjoy doing – writing and getting letters in return.  So fun.
  • Eat healthy and real food: The continual quest.  I thought that getting sleep would be the hardest thing about the crazy shift schedule we work in the Emergency Department, but it turns out that eating meals has been harder.  Working 12 hour shifts is easy when you’re there – it flies by – but so does the 12 hours you’re off!  I don’t cook meals for myself, aside from a cold meat sandwich, and have been eating out a LOT!  I try to make good choices while out.  A few weeks ago I realized that every time I went out I ate a delicious burger and my rationale was that I never make burgers for myself at home; but the truth is, i never make anything for myself at home, so I started making different choices!  That night I ordered Indian carryout and was blissfully happy about that.  I’ll have to keep working on this…
  • Trivia night: I had so much fun at Trivia Night in November with Kristine that I must find other venues for this.  Marissa found a bar in LaCrosse that has trivia on Monday nights and she has gone with a group and kicked butt – 1st place last week! – but I think it would dampen her image if her mom came along. 🙂  So I’ll keep looking!
  • Seek out author/book events: I scoured the web looking for author events while I’m in NYC next week, as I’ll have a few days to myself to wander, but was unsuccessful in finding anything that jumped out at me (by anyone I knew).  I went to B&N today and saw that tomorrow Jesse Ventura is going to be here for a reading and book signing.  I wondered if I would go, if I wasn’t winging it to NYC tomorrow.  🙂  I’ll keep my eyes open for fun opportunities.

What about you?  What’s on your list of things to do in 2012?  Or this summer?  Holler if you want to help me check off anything else on my list!

Podcasts I Have Loved…

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Sarah asked me to post about some of my favorite podcasts and I love to oblige requests!  🙂

I don’t know when I started listening to podcasts – probably sometime after the purchase of my first iPod in 2005.  As I blogged about before, I am an avid audiobook listener and so listening to the radio is not how I like to pass my time in the car.  I am not opposed to music – maybe sometime I’ll blog about my music listening habits – but I am purposeful about what I listen to and the radio can be too random and unsatisfying.

Probably the very first podcast I ever listened to was The Satellite Sisters.  I used to try to listen to their radio show whenever I was in range (which wasn’t often at all – a few times a year?) and I loved their book and blog, so when they started putting their radio show on podcasts, I signed up immediately.  It was a three hour radio show, condensed down to an hour forty or so and it was bliss!  It was a little overwhelming, as it was a daily show (6 days a week) and my commute was only an hour a day, but I did the best I could.  Then the sad news that their show was going to be off the air came and I was very sad!  But they continued to create a podcast, not as many hours long and not daily, and that appeased me for a while.  In the years past, they stopped making a regular podcast and got regular jobs but now they just started again – making one weekly podcast with different sisters appearing when they can.  So when there is a new Satellite Sisters podcast, that gets high priority in my listening queue.  They just archived over 200 shows onto their website and iTunes, so if you want to hear what I’m talking about, there’s lots of material to choose from!

Lian (the youngest) branched off on her own and has created The Chaos Chroniclesblog and podcast and that is a close second for my listening pleasure.  She wrote a book, “Helen of Pasadena,” and I drove to Edina to meet her and get signed copies of the book. They are a remarkable family and my friends know that I think of them as friends.  I will often bring them into the conversation (e.g., “Well, you know Liz?  She’s my Satellite Sister in CA, and she just got back from Iraq!” or “You should hear Julie’s sobering tales from North Korea!” or “Julie told the funniest story about a man who wanted her dog’s tennis ball!” or “Sheila just reviewed that movie and it was hilarious!”).  Good stuff.

Me with Lian Dolan, author of "Helen of Pasadena"

So the Satellite Sisters probably got me started on podcast listening but I have branched out!  Others that I listen to weekly are:

  • Filmspotting:  A weekly movie review podcast featuring Adam Kempenaar and Matty Ballgame.  They discuss one or two current movies, play Massacre Theatre (wherein they massacre a scene from a movie and you enter online to guess the film), discuss listener’s picks, and close with a Top 5.  They are funny and can be pretentious but it’s a good listen.  Matty is from Minnesota and Adam is from Iowa and they record in Chicago.  Good stuff.
  • The Moth Podcast: True stories told live.  There is almost nothing better than a great story told aloud, especially in front of a live audience.  Another thing I love about The Moth Podcast is that the stories are usually just over 15 minutes long, so you can listen to one in those weird times when you don’t have much time.  Or you can crank out a bunch of them in an hour.  They are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes raunchy, but always good.
  • Spilled Milk: Sarah and I read “A Homemade Life” by Molly Wizenberg and then I discovered her blog and followed her podcast with Matthew Amster-Burton, another food writer.  They are HILARIOUS!  Their show is also usually about 15-20 minutes at most and they talk about one thing.  Their last show was about RICE.  And before that it was about MEAT STICKS.  They include recipes and are very fun to listen to.
  • Pop Culture Happy Hour: I’m new to this one but find it absolutely fun!  It’s about an hour a week, published on Friday, and about pop culture!  It’s four or five people sitting around talking about TV, movies, comics, Broadway, music… whatever pop culture is relevant for the week!  They end the show with “what’s making them happy this week,” which is a great way to end a show.  I now follow them all on Twitter (not stalkerish at all!) and they are all very fun on there, too!
  • NPR: Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me!: A radio show that I usually miss on the weekends so I’m thankful for their podcast!  Funny, clever, show.
  • This American Life: A topical radio program, also often missed on the radio!  Thankful for the podcast and love the themes of the show!  I love themes!
  • Radiolab: I’m fairly new to this one and truthfully don’t listen regularly, but it’s a bit like This American Life, in that it’s topical stories, but with a focus on sounds.  They are clever and creative and good to listen to.
  • APM: Marketplace Tech Report: This is a short little podcast – 5-6 minutes daily – and I listen now and then, but truthfully started downloading it because of the host – John Moe.  A very sad podcast day for me was the day that Weekend America with host John Moe went off the air.  How I miss that show!  I follow him on twitter (@johnmoe) and he’s hilarious.  He now lives in St. Paul and I really miss that show.  It’s fun just to hear his voice in the Marketplace Tech Report and feel nostalgic for Weekend America.  🙂

That’s it for my regular listening and my favorites.  For a while this winter I listened to Lori & Julia from Talk 107 in the Cities, and it’s very fluffy.  I listen to the smart Pop Culture Happy Hour instead and so have dropped that from my list.  I know there are so many out there… smart, funny, fluffy, pretentious and boring!  But this is my list and I’m open to new ones if you have something fun to add!

Whew!  Off to read!