Last Day of Being Unemployed

Unemployed Girl


Things I Won’t Miss:  

  • That nagging feeling that I should be chained to the computer searching or any of the many job search sites I checked
  • That nagging feeling that I should be out networking and hob-nobbing
  • That nagging feeling that I should be sending another email or making another phone call to check on a job status
  • That nagging feeling that while I was home, unemployed, I should be exercising and getting into shape
  • That nagging feeling that I shouldn’t be eating out/seeing a movie/doing anything fun because I should keep all my pennies
  • That nagging feeling that I didn’t have health insurance for a few months
  • I guess a lot of nagging feelings 🙂

Things I Will Miss:

  • Going to bed and waking up whenever I want to – I had some months of pretty good sleep, after the anxious sleeplessness went away
  • Bringing the kids to school in the morning or picking them up after school
  • Having the time to help out – making meals, babysitting, painting a nursery, grocery shopping, library-going…
  • Long leisurely showers in the afternoon and air-drying my hair (maybe only understood by curly-haired folk?)
  • Painting my fingernails crazy colors
  • Movie matinees on Wednesday (free popcorn!)
  • Keeping up with Twitter and bloggers
  • Tweeting and blogging
  • Having a super flexible schedule so that I could say YES to almost anything

Although the list of things that I will miss could go on and on, the overwhelming feeling of relief about being employed really overshadows them all.  I value being self-reliant and I know that most of the things on the second list will continue in some way.  I will still be helpful when I can, stay up late and sleep in when I can, tweet and blog when I can, and say YES to fun things when I can.

Life is good.

Happy last day of unemployment to me!!!

Off to read – after a leisurely afternoon shower!