Book Club Read – “The Night Circus”

Reading at the end of the dock
Reading at the end of the dock

I always complain that it’s hard to get a lot of reading done at the end of the dock, because it’s difficult to read with your eyes closed with all the sun worshiping that goes on!  (NOT really something to complain about!)
It’s just  so much easier to chat with those around you, than to make the effort to read in the sunlight.

But I did dive into this book over the 4th of July holiday and finished it right before I walked out the door for book club today!

We had SO much fun at book club (as usual), but tonight I had to share a few pics from the day.  Some of the book clubbers have husbands who like to tease that we are a drinking club with a book problem, but I said today that we really don’t live up to that reputation!  We do love a good theme and always bring fun food, so maybe we are a food club with a book problem!

book club
Book Club Treats

Jill set the theme with the black and red and white decor.
The popcorn and chocolate sweets added to the ambiance, as did the cocktails!
(I didn’t say we didn’t have drinks at book club!  The rhubarb slush was delicious!)

book club food
The spread was delicious – as usual!

We had delicious grilled hotdogs, fresh fruit, chips and dip, cheese and crackers, macaroni and cheese corn (yummy!) and a terrific taco salad.

Chocolate mice dessert book club
Chocolate Mice (ala The Night Circus)

And for dessert these delicious and decorative chocolate mice!  How fun is that?  Of course it’s a treat you can pick up at Le Cirque des Rêves, but also can be homemade in your very own kitchen!  And they were delicious!

And every few years we like to take a photo.  It’s been a few, and one of our gals was missing, but we had a blast taking these photos.  Jill’s camera will take 7 shots in a row, and that is great fun.  We had different poses for each shot, each one sillier than the next.  But mine was just a simple 10 second delay… we look good!

book club picture Night Circus reveours
Book Club July 2013

We also discussed the book, because we never have book club without discussing the book, and although some didn’t like it as much as others, there was great discussion.  We certainly didn’t pay attention to the Shakespearean references, but maybe we will on a re-read!

Good fun!

What will I read next???  Whatever it is, I look forward to it!