Friday Night Lights!

I just started creating collages of photos that I have taken with my phone.  

A little late to the game? Probably.

Does my phone take collage-worthy photos? Probably not. 

Is my phone battery conducive to relying on it for memorializing my day?  Ack.  No way.

Is my day too trivial to be memorialized?  Debatable 🙂  

But there you have it.  I made a TERRIBLE collage of our MN State Fair trip, but it isn’t share-worthy.  Maybe I’ll try again.  

Practice makes perfect, right?

My first phone photo collage!

The collage above is a fun glimpse into my first football game of the season.  

I love football season. Crisp fall nights turning into crisper fall nights.
Hot chocolate and popcorn.  Good stuff. 

I look forward to another night under the lights watching my nephew and his friends.  Football is always better when you have a personal relationship with someone on the field.  

What are you doing this Friday night? 

Do you have a favorite photo collage app?

40 Things (21)

Cover of "The Sleeping Beauty Proposal"
Cover of The Sleeping Beauty Proposal

Following along with Boof‘s 40 Day Challenge leading up to her 40th birthday, her next topic is:

21) A book I am embarrassed to say I like

I read a lot of pretty embarrassing books.  I mean “The Cinderella Deal”?  “The Sleeping Beauty Proposal”? Both given four stars by me on Goodreads.  They’re good for the time – summer at the cabin.  So I am not embarrassed by liking the books I like.  I know that I am missing out on a great book by reading a fluffy good one, but sometimes a fluffy good one is what is called for.  Often, lately, a fluffy good one is what is called for.  I may grow out of it?  I may not.

#21 on my list of 40 things was: Enter a photo contest.  How silly and random, eh?  But I did enter a contest of travel pictures and was made a finalist!  I didn’t win, but it was a lot of fun to get credit for a photo I took.  The photo was of human grape vines at the San Diego Zoo.  They were amazing to look at and the photo turned out pretty good.

Off to read!