40 Things (10)

Creepy Woods
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Following along with Boof’s 40 Day Challenge leading up to her 40th birthday, day 10 (not sure I’ve ever posted ten days in a row before!):

10) A book that gave me the creeps

Hmmm again. I tend not to read books that give me the creeps. “The Giver” gave me the creeps (don’t like dystopia anymore) and I remember reading “Amityville Horror” as a teen, and that is memorable. Whenever I see a lot of flies in a room, I remember…

I don’t like to feel creeped out or grossed out or scared, so I really choose not to “feed my head” things (books, movies, TV) that would make me have any of those feelings.

On my list, #10 Watercolor – a class? just for fun?

Again, pathetic. I did some watercolor classes in the past and have dabbled in it a bit, but never to much finesse. It is relaxing and fun. I wonder where my watercolor/art tub went… I think I loaned it to someone before the flood and haven’t gotten it back yet!  Must call her…

I took a Chinese brush painting class and spent quite a lot of money framing my “masterpiece” of that day, but it doesn’t match my decor at this point so it is in the closet.  Ah, well.

Off to read!