TGI… what day is it?

I love Pooh

I still feel fortunate every day that I have a new job that I love.  I love the crazy hours, I love the crazy situations I get to try to problem solve, I love the people I’m learning from.  It’s been a full six months that I’ve worked this job of switchy shifts!

I love the crazy hours but I am still having a little bit of an “adjustment disorder” to my first summer (practically since forever) of working like a normal person.

No fun!

I’ve had ‘personal pity parties’ a few times this summer, as I feel pretty isolated from my typical social life with friends and family.  It seems that when my family and friends are available or doing fun things, I am working, and when I have time off or want to plan something fun with friends, everyone has plans.  I hate spending my time off alone!


I do pride myself on a positive outlook and I remind myself often that there are so many great things about my job and my life and that it won’t always be this crazy – or if it is, I will get used to it!  I am confident that next summer will be better, as I am better able to plan time off – at least that’s what I keep telling myself!

Have you had a big lifestyle change that impacted your time with family and friends?  How did you cope?


One more week…

Image by Sean MacEntee via Flickr

January 30 I start my new job.  I simply cannot wait!  It has been 8 months that I have been unemployed.  Hard to believe!  But now I’m just tickled to be starting.  I went on Friday for pre-employment stuff – health and drug screening, HR form-filling, and information about the two days of general orientation for all new hires.  So tomorrow I have to go in to get my TB test evaluated and then I have one more week of unemployed “bliss”!

So what will I do this week?  Monday nights I have choir, so I’ll stay at my parent’s house and hang out with them.  I will hopefully watch a movie or two. I’m hoping for some “what not to wear” time with my closet and then I need to shop a little for some updated business-y clothes. I would love to bake and prepare meals for the freezer – maybe something from my French book. I am going to the Cities for some celebrating with Deadra and family. I need to catch up on my magazine reading – goodness! – and then hopefully start a good book.

Speaking of books, I am so excited that Wallace’s next readalong is “A Moveable Feast” by Ernest Hemingway!  After reading “The Paris Wife” I decided that it would be the Hemingway book that I would most like to read.  So I bought it (for my iPad!) and I’m ready to start the readalong in February!  Yippee!

The Artist (film)
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And speaking of movies (was I?), I went to see “The Artist” last night – and it was just so good.  Amazing actors, beautiful music, funny “dialogue,” and a great story. Absolutely a wonderful movie experience.  It made me want to watch a bunch of really old movies – the good ones.  Ah…

Well, I’m off… to read, play word games, and watch some old episodes of How I Met Your Mother.  One more week of doing whatever I want – before this new life begins!