40 Things (6)

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Following along with Boof’s 40 Day Challengeleading up to her 40th birthday, her next question is:

6) A book that changed my life

Hmmm.  Not an easy question!  I’m not sure I can point to a book and claim that it changed my life in any big way.  I know that the very presence of books has changed my life.  Books have brought me comfort in times when I needed it and have brought me joy in times when I needed that.  I have lots of vivid memories of the books that I read as a child and have always been known as a reader or a “book worm.”  So does the first book that hooked me in and made me a reader become the book that changed my life?

Being in book club has changed my life.  Connecting with great people over great books (or even not-so-great books) has been a great experience in the past ten or so years.

#6 on my list of Things to do before turning 40 was to “Say YES more – be ready!”  Yesterday I wrote about how “saying no” to an overbooked life was on my list.  This one is about being ready for adventures and the life I want.  It isn’t always easy for me to be spontaneous, as I do like to plan things.  I know that when my daughter went away to college that I adopted the philosophy that “I can do whatever I want,” which was pretty freeing (after the initial despair over bringing her to college).  It was nice to be open to adventures without feeling tied down to responsibilities.

Off to read!