Books: For when you need a life coach

self help is sometimes impossible
Image by the|G|™ via Flickr

I received the book, “Where Will You Go From Here?” by Valorie Burton, through Blogging For Books. I chose this book over the others offered because of the subtitle: Moving Forward when Life Doesn’t Go As Planned.  It seemed appropriate that I get some advice as I move through this latest life change.  I am currently looking for a job and evaluating career goals, etc., so I thought using this book to help examine things would be good.

Unfortunately this wasn’t the book for me.  As a social worker, I have always looked at the power of thoughts, words, actions and relationships in daily life as well as in difficult times. One thing I didn’t consider much was the power of prayer, so that was a good lesson for me.  The book was pretty basic stuff but I would feel very confident recommending it to others who don’t have a background in counseling or social work, as I do.

It definitely was good information, presented well, with great opportunity for insight and reflection.