48 Hour TBR Marathon, et al

pile of books
Someone's TBR Pile (Image by Leo Reynolds via Flickr)

Exploring book blogs is SO fun, but can get overwhelming!  Did you know there are blogaversaries?  I wonder when this blog should have celebrated that?  There are book challenges: read so-many pages, read all of Austen’s books, read all science fiction, read all romance in February.  There are Blog-Hops – what do you think that is?  I think that it’s where several blogs ask the same question and want you to post comments all over? But I’m not sure.  There are Three-Things Thursdays, Wordless Wednesdays, lots of giveaways and long-term big-book read-alongs.

And now this weekend is the 48 hour TBR Marathon!  A good idea for a cold, early February weekend when there will be LOTS of football talk on TV.  A good idea to work on that TBR (to be read) pile.  Friday night to Sunday night.  Read read read.  Blog about it.  Post your TBR list.

I’m not a fast reader, so I doubt much of a dent will be made in my TBR list.  Especially if I keep reading book blogs!  But first on my list is reading “The Summer We Read Gatsby,” which I am enjoying so far.


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